10 Watt Robot

Mike Sangster (lead vocals, guitar)

Doug Hansen (lead guitar, vocals)

Jeff Morgan (bass)

Lee Bissmeyer (drums, vocals)


10 Watt Robot is an alternative rock band hailing from Des Moines, Iowa USA. The band is best known for hard-driving live performances featuring their original music. Dynamic yet introspective, their song catalog reflects a number of influences from sweeping melodic power pop to straight ahead punk rock anthems.

Though 10 Watt Robot is relatively new, the respective band members have a legacy of Midwest rock and roll provenance including key roles in Movable Feast, Squidboy, The Miltons, SuperVolt, Why Make Clocks, Left Is West, No Good Deed and The National Treasures. Perhaps most notably, Sangster was a founding member and songwriter of two Iowa stalwarts: The Hollowmen [Pravda Records] and Head Candy [Link Records & MTV video artists].

10 Watt Robot have worked to build a solid original catalog. New singles in hand, they recorded and released music videos on multiple social media platforms. With a groundswell of followers and subscribers across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, their self-created content has garnered attention around the world.

The band is now in full swing booking and performing live dates. They are also currently working toward completing a full length LP and releasing corresponding videos.

In the meantime, put 10 Watt Robot on your list of acts “Not to be Missed.”